Keystore for AIR iOS deployment?

I'm trying to figure out what IDEA requires for the "keystore file" under signing options for AIR...

Flash Builder requires a certificate and provisioning file for the same deployment, so I'm guessing it's similar.

Can someone explain how to generate the keystore file?

FB requires you to export your developer certificate in Keychain Access (in OSX) to a .p12 file as documented here. Using the same source files, I can deploy an IPA file to device using FB, but so far not using IDEA.

I've attemtped to create a keystore using a program called KeyStore Explorer, but really don't know what I'm doing so any advice would be much appreciated. ?:|

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Keystore file and p12 certificate are the same terms in this case. Does it work for you?

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No. When I use the same .p12 file that I use in FB, IDEA gives me this error: "Keystore type is not available:"

Under "more options," I tried changing the "Keystore type" to "p12" but then I get this error: "Keystore type is not available: p12"

Is "p12" the correct parameter to use in that field?

Also, do I need to add anything to the other 3 option fields?

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Default "PKCS12" (in uppercase) should work. No, you don't need to fill other fields. Can you please attach screenshot of the error in this case?

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That solved it. Thanks!

I'd changed it to JKS and then back to blank after I'd gone down the rabbit hole of thinking that I needed a different type of keystore file, and hadn't changed it back to the default.

This is definitely something that should at least be in the docs, perhaps even more explicitly out in the UI. Flash Builder has a piece of info text about it that makes it more clear.

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