Local History - What Other Files Were Affected With Rollback?

My workspace.xml file was preventing me from opening my project so I foolishly deleted it as it is not a file you check in so I thought everything in it would be recreated.
Unfortunately it appears that the shelved changes are stored in the workspace.xml and I had a lot of shelves!

Fortunately, the Local History came to my aid and I was able to create some empty files in Windows Explorer and use the Local History to get the content.
The Local History for my class says Rollback 6 files.

In the normal VCS dialogs you can see other files affected in the transaction.
Is there anyway to see what the 6 files affected were in the rollback that created my shelf?

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If you open Local History on a file then you'll see only that file in a list. You have to open it on a broader scope to see more files.
Shelved changes are stored as a patches in "shelf" subdirectory of IDEA config.

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Woop! Woop! Woop! I've got all my shelves back! :x

I didn't think to run Local History on the root of the project! :8}
The local history of workspace.xml is not shown from the file itself, but is shown when I look from the root.
That allowed me to get my ShelveChangesManager section back.

The strange thing is though, when I look at the local history at a folder level (e.g. the project root) the history will say something like 6 files changed on the left pane, but the right pane will show all differences from then until now and not just the changes made at that time.
Is that expected?

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What's in the left list is not a difference, it's rather a snapshot. The right pane shows difference between two selected snapshots. If you have only one  snapshot selected - it shows a difference between that snapshot and current state.


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