Since the EAP Nov 2nd, 2011 release, IntelliJ is not loading the ivy libraries anymore


I am using the IvyPlugin to load the  libraries from the ivy repos. It used to work flawlessly in 10.5 (the plugin was, I think, version 0.9 or beta6). Then I installed EAP version early October and the Ivyplugin downloaded using IntelliJ IDE worked without any modifications. Once I upgraded to EAP Nov 2 (and now I'm on Nov 10th) release, IntelliJ does not load the ivy libraries anymore. That means, everytime I start IntelliJ EAP, I have to select my ivy.xml file, right click, select IVYPLUG then select load for all modues. Once I quit intellij and restart, I have to redo the process.

Has anything changed? Is there a new setting I need to do to automatically let IntelliJ load the ivy libraries. I think IntelliJ successfully loads the libraries explicitly specified under Settings, modules-dependencies.

Any idea?

Thank you

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Are you using IvyIDEA or IvyPlugin?
I get errors with a change of API with IvyIDEA but it still works to some extent.
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Problem doesn't happen anymore on 11 RC1. On interested note though, when I start 11RC1, it says there is an internal IDE error in the IVYIDEA plugin as shown in the screenshot.

Screen shot 2011-12-02 at 10.43.20 AM.png

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The bug tracker for that plugin is here (its not made by JetBrains)

Vote here for 'proper' ivy support in IDEA


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