Regressions in Nika

Unfortunately I use not a single of those technologies that are new or substantially improved in Nika :-(
All that's in it for me in IDEA 11 is performance and small improvements. So far I like the Digest view best!
Sadly a couple of regressions make the new release less attractive for me.

Here are a few that bother me the most:

IDEA-76485 - (Incorrectly marked as "Obsolete") Alt-F1 from "Go to file" no longer works
IDEA-61534 - Regression in IDEA X: Split Editor does not retain scroll position
IDEA-77375 - IDEA 11 Beta: Structural search inspection broken
IDEA-76327 - Wrong warning "File was loaded in a wrong encoding"

Please vote or comment on the issues!  Also if you notice other regressions, please add them to YouTrack and link them here. Only issues for things that have been working previously, please.
I think these regressions in general should have higher priority over features that are new in IDEA 11!

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Another one that is marked as fixed, but still does not work in IDEA RC (#111.41):
IDEA-74186 - JavaScript: Good code is red: Incorrect "Static member is not accessible"


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