Unable to run Tomcat in EAP 11 (Build 110.365)

I've been using EAP 11 (Build 110.137) for a month now and had to upgrade to the new build since the trial expired. The new IDEA opened exactly where I left, however, running Tomcat doesn't deploy my app.
(war file is not exploded).

Is there any changes in how wars are deployed in this new build?

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Turns out, there's a new option in the tomcat server run config (or it must be enforced now, since I never configured it) -- 'deployment' where the war needs to be explicitly deployed.

This wasn't the case earlier.

It works now and the app is deployed in the root directory (localhost:8080).

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Do you use 'Local' or 'Remote' Tomcat configuration? 'Local' Tomcat configuration indeed show warning if no artifacts are configured at 'Deployment'
tab but the same warning was shown in previous IDEA versions. If you want to deploy an application from 'webapps' folder of Tomcat installation make
sure that 'Deploy applications configured in Tomcat instance' option is enabled in the run configuration.

Nikolay Chashnikov
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That helps, thanks.


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