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Please add option to set a particular mvn module as a main module so all the jar and other dependencies in the Project window are the same as mvn dependency:tree in the module which is set as main project module, otherwise coding and debugging is very difficult. We are having very complicated dependency structure with multiple includes excludes, version management and it is not properly reflected in the Idea project jar dependency


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Please add the same functionality to the Spring facet as well, basically it should be an option to mark one or even multiple spring.xml files as a root/parent ones and the rest in the idea project and not maven module should be resolved relative to them, this will avoid popup asking to setup spring xml facet etc.

Most of the ttime the pom.xml and spring xml are not selfsufcient and are part of the other modules


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I'm just curious am I the only one who is facing this issue :)
Additionally there is a minor issue. When create IDEA module (pom packaging) option is disabled the main pom.xml is excluded from the source control and and when this option is enabled the module under second level of inheritence are appearing twice


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