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Normally I do not like to come to the forums to post a "please fix this" thread. I try to work within the issue tracker. But I'm at my wits end over two related issues that I feel I need to come here and humbly beg that they be resolved in IDEA 11.

I first reported against IDEA 9 the below two TFS merge issues. These issue basically prevent you from doing merges with IDEA when using TFS. While I have a cumbersome and time consuming workaround for the one issue, yesterday even that failed me. And I ended up losing close to a full day straightening out the mess.

I know TFS has a very small market share in the world of Java developers. And therefore these issues are unlikely to get many votes. But for better or worse, it is our corporate VCS (since the .NET departments are larger). And not being able to do merges in our VCS is very very limiting to our team of 12 developers. Ironically, it was IDEA's otherwise great TFS capabilities that allowed me to finally get people off of Eclipse and onto IDEA when the company switched to TFS. The TFS plug-in for Eclipse costs as much as an IDEA commercial license and is a horrible plug-in fraught with problems. So management finally agreed to buy some IDEA licenses for developers (since many were unwilling to pay for a personal license).

Since these issues are in the commercial portion of the IDEA code base and not the open source code, trying to fix them myself is not an option.

Can these two issues please be resolved in IDEA 11? Pretty pretty please. I'd be happy to send the JetBrains team a few cases of beer as a thank you.

IDEA-68829 "File Cache Conflict" errors followed by "Cannot save File" errors
IDEA-56982 TFS: Cannot do complex merge with TFS

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IDEA-56982: resolved, fix will be delivered in the next EAP build
IDEA-68829: failed to reproduce to date, let's continue discussion at YouTrack page


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