Frequent crashes


I'm experiencing rather frequent application crashes with the EAP version. I tested at least 3 EAP releases so far (including the most recent one) and they keep happening at least every couple of hours. The last time a crash happened, I was pasting content into a CSS file and I'll try to keep an eye on when they are happening. I'm on OS X, the crashes are happening on 10.7 but I think they also happened on 10.6 as far as I remember. The application becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit it (so I'm not sure whether "crash" is the accurate way to describe it).

Is this information relevant for you? If yes: what kind of debug information or log files do you want me to send to you when the next crash happens?

Update: the app just crashed after checking out sources from svn and creating a new project. So I'm afraid it's not just a single action that can be pinpointed as the cause.

Kind regards


Hi Carina,

"Hang" is a more correct term. Next time it hang please take a thread dump and file an issue in a tracker.


Thanks for the information. I posted an issue with a thread dump here:


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