Maven module not built

I have a multimodule Maven project, which results in a WAR as artifact:

     -> ChildModule1 - packaging: JAR.
     -> ChildModule2 - packaging: pom - generates several JavaScript resources

ChildModule2 is a module which is responsible for generating several JavaScript resources (using Gulp, NPM, Closure Compiler etc). These resources are generated in the generate-resources phase and copied in process-resources phase to [ModuleWAR]/src/main/webapp/resources .
When building ModuleWAR with mvn package everything is built correctly, the resources in ChildModule2 are built and copied.

I've been trying to get IDEA to build ChildModule2 (and thus generating the JavaScript resources) with either Make Project (preferably) and/or Generate Source and Update Folders, however nothing is generated.

I assume that I'm doing something with my Maven setup that IDEA is not expecting.
I've tried other Maven phases or other output paths, however nothing works. Any ideas how to setup such a ChildModule that it can generate resources and Make the project in IDEA?

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