How to import/open an existing IDEA project?.

Hi, I know this question might sound very basic, but I'm having a hard time to make it happen.

I built a project using IDEA, uploaded it to Github, with the purpose of sharing it with a coleague.

The problem is, when he tries to open or import the project, it's messed up. No SDK set, no libraries, no paths, nothing, it seems like a completely new project, but broken.

I tried it myself, and I found that neither the import nor open options offer me what I need.

In other words, what is the easiest way to just import everything?. I have no absolute paths or anything like that, the only thing that he would need to manually do would be to set the SDK path in his computer, the rest should be already included in the project properties, right?.


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Use Gradle/Maven.

If you are using IDEA project without Gradle or Maven, see .

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I would just Open it. Instead of creating/importing, just open the enclosing folder (the one with a .idea folder in it, which is the root of your project). It will use your existing .idea project configuration, and if there's any missing link you should be able to fix it from that point to make all your workstations consistent with each other.


Hope that helps.




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@Juan Fuentes
Thank you very much! 
I cannot explain you how many times i had a problem with uploading existing projects and it was always a mess.

And when i did it(somehow) i didn't even knew how i really did it!


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@Juan Fuentes : yep, it did help, thank you! 


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