IDEA 14.1.3 Error Stripe Bar ( right side on code editor ) show current line AND 2 columns possible ?


Two Questions concerning the same feature:

1. Is it possible to have a marker on the Error Stripe where in the code the courser is / "current line"
     Netbeans IDE has this feature in the picture it will be clear what I mean:

2. Is it possible to divide the `error stripe` into 2 columns so that you can view for example
everything which is error related in one column and your bookmarks and other stuff in the second column.

With changes in the source code under version control it is a little bit like this:
     In the picture down below you can see that the blue line indicating a change on the code is more left than the red error

I have the problem that often the markers gets overlain and I do not recognize everything.


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These are not currently possible.

See . Feel free to submit your own requests at .


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