Error with ANE - Adobe Air

I have an Adobe Air app that uses 3 ANEs (Adobe Air Native Extensions) and 2 of them work perfectly.

But one of them gives me an error when compiling for iOS device:
"Error: libDialog.a are required to have universal iOS libraries. Please contact the ANE developer(s) to get the same."

this usually indicates that the Native Extension was not compiled for 64bits on ios.
But I know that this ANE supports 64 bits for iOS.
And more, it compiles and works fine on Flash Builder 4.6.

I've tried so many things with no success.
Any thoughts?

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So far I have no idea what's wrong. IDE just calls compiler and packaging (ADT) tools from the SDK. You can try to write a script that creates an iOS package without IDE, calling ADT tool directly.
Is it possible to attach a sample project?

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Tks for the reply.

I will try to isolate the thing and attach here.


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