IntelliJ Symbolic Link (update)


So this is a pretty messed up question and I am not sure how to explain it any better then showing you what I am trying to do.

I have 4 modules all with seperate output folders like this

Module #1 -> /module1/bin
Module #2 -> /module2/bin
Module #3 -> /module3/bin
Module #4 -> /module4/bin

Which is simple enough, but each one of these modules will be loading from a a common folder of SWF files.
So I am looking to create a folder called "Shared Assets" which holds all the SWFs that will be loaded into
the seperate modules.

What I need is a way to link the Shared Assets folder into the bin folder of each module. Preferably without
copying all the contents every time. Is there a way to tell intelliJ to create a link to this folder during the build process

so the bin folder would look like this
[Assets] -- Symbolic link to Shared Assets
Application.swf -- SWF

If not do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this kind of setup with a core set of SWFs that need to be shared amongst
many modules.



Update on this, I have created relative symbolic links in my src folder.

IntelliJ is doing exactly as expected and moving them into the bin folder on rebuilds, the problem is
when I update an assets IntelliJ does not see this as a new file and move it into the bin folder upon making the mpdule.
I have to do a complete rebuild to get all my assets to update.

So image I have a jpeg in my assets folder.
It is a Red Box.
assets folder is symbolic linked into the src folder of my module.

When i make the module the first time everything works correctly red box is copied into the bin folder.

If i edit the jpeg and make the box green, save it out, then run make again. IntelliJ does not see a difference
in this file, so it is never copied into my bin folder.

If i run "Rebuild Project" it copies everything over again, and this work but I would hate to have to do this over and over as I will have
hundreds of assets to load.

Any advice on getting IntelliJ to see updated files through a symbolic link when I do a make?



IDEA doesn't support concept of symlinks internally, so these images are treated as completely separate and independent files. So she knows that you've edited one file, but it can't propagate these changes to all files linked to it.

I would suggest you to look at artifacts (File | Project Structure | Artifacts).


Artifacts are exactly what I needed.



It'd be nice to actually support symlinks

I have a file in a 4th level of project folder structure which I use very often, so I would like to have a quick access to this by having symlink in a root folder


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