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I have an IDEA project with two modules. One module is a Gradle based module, the other IDEA. Using IDEA I can configure the IDEA based one to create an artifact. What I would like to do is have the artifact in the IDEA based module include an artifact from the Gradle based module. Is this possible? So far I can only see how to have it include the compiled sources of the Gradle based one, but I would like it to see and include the artifacts from the Gradle one. Thanks,


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currently IDEA generates artifacts for Web modules imported from Gradle. If it's the case you can include the Gradle artifact by dragging the
corresponding item from 'Artifacts' node in 'Available Elements' tree in the artifact editor. In other cases you can press '+' button above 'Output
Layout' tree and select 'File' or 'Directory Content' to include the Gradle artifact files to your artifact layout.

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