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I've just bought Intellij and going offline foe a while so I want to access the help offline. I can't see any way to download help and I don't see any content oin the help directory of my Intellij download.

Is this possible?

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At first I thought the Docs were only available in video form. You can download all the videos from Youtube.
However, there is this site
Ususally the way I create my offline docs, is with the program WinHTTrack Website Copier - Free, and simple.
Just click Next - put in the required info - Finished
It does all the work for you. Just make sure you know where your folder is. I think it defaults to C:\My Web Sites\your project name

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I forgot to mention, you dont have to worry about downloading the docs. Unlike most IDEs Idea has it's docs included with the program. You just need to go to help, or when you are in the Project Structure, on each page, you can click help to find info for that page.


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