GitHub issues do not show in tasks

Hey everyone,
I'm trying to integrate IntelliJ's Task Management plugin with GitHub issues with little success.
I have a test GitHub project, into which I added some issues.
I configured the plugin with the GitHub server, but when I open the tasks drop down I don't see any tasks...
At one point it showed me only one of the 3 issues I had and now that I closed it I see none of the remaining 2.
I tried it with and without the tasks cache option, and also tried lowering the timeout to 1 minute in order to make sure it's not a sync issue.

Am I missing anything?


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Hi, Guy.

At the moment our integration doesn't show all issues in that drop down, only those assigned to you. Could you please try and write back if it won't help.

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It's working as you said.
I would have prefered to be able to see all issues though :)


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