Atlassian plugin - Jira - captcha

When I try to connect to Jira using the Atlassian plugin (3.0.16), I have to enter a captcha when my password is changed. But there is no browser, so I don't see a captcha.

I have made a connection to Jira before using the browser (after I had to change my password) and entering the captcha, but apperently this is considered a different connection.

Did anyone find a solution to this?

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I managed to connect now.

  • removed atlassian cookies from the browser
  • browser->Jira->Profile->Clear all tokens
  • logged in into Jira - no captcha asked
  • connect from IntelliJ -> connection error: enter captcha in browser
  • logged out from browser
  • logged in from browser - captcha asked
  • connect from IntelliJ again - no error

Maybe this helps someone else.


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