Cannot use IntelliJ 10 - tests does not find dependencies


We are kind of stuck on IntelliJ 9 (which is bad, our team really want to do an upgrade to 10). Reason is that our multi-module maven project does not behave the same on 10 as it did on 9. The problem when building is that test-cases in one module which we call "WEB" cannot find dependencies in the test directory of another module "EJB". I don't feel like excluding hundreds of test cases from compile just to get going ... since this work flawlessly in 9. Does not matter if we test on 10 or 10.0.1 or the 10.0.2 EAPs.

What's up here?  Is there changes we need to do to the project when upgrading? Or is this a known bug?


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Hi Tobias,

I've seen this problem coming and going, maybe the following workaround for our project may lead you to some solution:

  1. mule-core > right-click > Module Settings > Sources > designate src/test subfolders as main java sources instead of tests. This is critical to work around some inconsistency  with the way main-vs-test cross-module downstream dependencies are  resolved.
  2. same module settings screen > switch to Dependencies > modify any dependency resolved as test-scoped to compile (this is related to a step above).
  3. mule-core > right-click > Make Project to update internal caches and make changes visible to other modules.


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Does the problem remain in the 10.0.2 release?
If so, please create a youtrack issue and attach a sample project.

Anton Makeev


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