'Hot swap classes' issue with JBoss plugin

After specifying:


Now, back here, I deploy and everything is OK:


when I later push the update button (the single-arrow blue circle "Update 'jsf-fun' application (Command-F10)"), I see:


In spite of the fact that "Show dialog" was unchecked earlier.  Selecting "No" here does nothing.  Selecting "Yes" redeploys and changes my configuration back to "Redeploy":


Is this a bug?  Am I doing something wrong here?


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Actually, it is expected behavior.

'Hot swap classes' action is available in Debug mode only, but not in the Run mode, because the hot swap is the function of the debug connection.
IDEA doesn't know which mode (Debug or Run) will you run the server in, so it provides the complete list of possible actions for both modes.
In your case, when 'Hot swap classes' action is selected and the server is started in Run mode, IDEA just can't perform 'Hot swap classes' and asks you to chose one of actually available options (Redeploy / Restart).
If you start the server in Debug mode, IDEA will not show the dialog and just perform the hot swap immediatly.


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