Linking Intellij to Eclipse project and configuring

I would like to know if there's a place where I can see step by step this configuration part?

My work uses eclipse and all the projects must be delivered in that format, so I can only link it to a separate folder and edit, since I can't create the intellij folders and files at the main project. I already can link and edit, but there's no way for me to launch the application at Intellij, it requires a lot of dependencies and configurations that I don't know how to make at it.

Can someone help me? It's an Web application using JSF, JPA, and these kinds of things. I think I got the dependencies right with the auto detection, but can't launch the server well (Tomcat).

Again, my main objective is to open, edit and test my Eclipse JSF project at Intellij, only changing the files at the main one, without the .iml, .idea and others things the intellij creates. Thank you.

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You need to import your eclipse project, switch on 'link to .classpath format' and store IDEA's configuration files in separate directory. Everything available from the main screen of the import. After that your dependencies should be configured, facets should be autodetected. I don't understand what is your problem with Tomcat, you need to create a cxonfiguration manually, there is no special support for that.



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