Are there plans for native Clojure support in IDEA ?

Are the any plans of native Clojure support ?

Cursive plugin is kind of ok, but I would love to see proper and full Clojure support. Like many others I am switching from Java to Clojure and I am constantly yearning for all the wonderful IDEA Java features.
There are no good Clojure IDEs out there, and desperate need for one.

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Note that the Cursive plugin is under active development, and improving all the time. If there are specific things you're missing, feel free to add them to the
issue tracker at

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We freezed "native support" because of Cursive as we don't need unnecessary competition between plugins for IntelliJ IDEA platform and we don't want to waste resources for that.
What concerns do you have about Cursive?

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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