Importing multiple projects from SVN into Intellij IDEA as modules?

My employer primarily uses Eclipse for development, but I have chosen to try and use IntelliJ IDEA, as I have purchased my own license. I am still learning quite a bit about IntelliJ, but I am fairly familiar with many of the basic tasks.

One thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is how I'm going to be able to do development work on their main product, as I don't know how it will be laid out in my workspace (to borrow a term from Eclipse). The problem is as follows:

- Main project is a GWT web application that has its own top-level Eclipse project. It is a vanilla install of the webapp. This can be built, tested, and deployed on its own by using various ant targets.
- Multiple client-specific extensions exist that are themselves top-level Eclipse projects, but cannot be built by themselves. They must exist in their own project folder alongside the base product. An ant build.xml file exists in the expansion pack folder that assumes the existence of the base project, and makes various calls to the base project's ant tasks as needed.

Right now, if I want to do any development on the product using IntelliJ, I seem to only be able to import the base product from SVN. There is no option for "New module from version control", so I cannot also check out the expansion pack I need to work on.

Will it be possible to use IntelliJ for working on this project, or will I be stuck using Eclipse?

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You can checkout project using any SVN client and in IDEA configure multiple SVN roots in Settings | Version Control, one mapping per your SVN root.


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