Performance is getting worse?!

I keep hearing this from colleagues as well:
Recent IDEA versions have become more sluggish.

It is hard to pin down to something specific, but
* typing sometimes lags
* inspections take too long to finish (IDEA gives me the eye for much too long in the upper right corner)
* Indexing takes too long (for example switch between branches, wait for IDEA to reindex all changed versions)

Personally I feel version 10 had fantastic performance and after that it went slightly downhill with each release.

How do others feel about this?

Does it make sense to file several issues each with a single not-dramatically-but-annoyingly-slow use case?
I think what would be needed would be a focused effort to improve performance!

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I have not noticed anything.

That said, there is still that annoying Project View performance problem which basically affects all big changes in codebase

But on the other hand, incremental compilation became recently little faster by preloading compilation processes -

You should totally report lagging while typing.


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