Stop Idea adding 'final' to every local variable

How do I stop IDEA X adding the 'final' modifier to every local variable it inserts (under Mac OS X)?

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You mean when you use the inline refactoring "Introduce variable"?
Press shift-tab until you are on the "final" and select the empty text instead. IDEA will remember it for the next time.

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Thanks, that at least opens up the configuration. However, IDEA doesnt seem to remember the selection.

When I hit Shift+Tab x2 the 'final' modifier is highlighted, and I have a drop down with two options - 'final' and a blank entry.
I select the blank entry, hit return a couple of times, and I'm left with what I want (no final keyword on local variables).

I now repeat the procedure, but the final modifier is back by default, so IDEA hasnt remembered what I wanted.

Im using IDEA 10.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.5

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did you tried settings > code style > code generation: mark local variables final



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