Creating and editing Postfix completion templates.

Is the ability to add, remove, and/or edit postfix completion templates in Intellij 14?

Searching for this answer has been rather difficult so I assume we cannot.
I simply wish to make a .souw to expand a string, etc to a output.println("blah blah"); much like how str.sout would translate to System.out.println("blah blah");
output is my usual Writer object name to write to a text file. I cannot find anything on this. Even searching "postfix completion" in the discussion board comes up with 0 results.

Thank you.

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Ahh, of course. The one keyword I didn't try.. "custom".

Thank you very much, I'm rather new to all of this, any way I can get on board to help implement a list of possible new ones and test mine/others?

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Feel free to comment in YouTrack issue.


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