From 3.x to 14.x?

I've been using IDEA since 2002 or something and it's been pretty much perfect Java development tool for me, but now I'd like to start using a new version.
But there's a BIG BUT, the project structure that I've been using and which have worked for me like a charm doesn't seem to work with any of the new versions.

We have all my source code in one directory tree and all compiled code in another directory tree, it's VERY EASY and hassle free to just poin to the single root
and all the code / classes are in use in every project.
We have projects pointing to various branches in that source code tree like com.mycompany.stuff.project7 and com.mycompany.projects.project56. All project files are
saved in a separate location.

How can I do this in IDEA 14.x? It seems to break the whole java package system. If the project's source path is included in the search path, it just won't work
at all. It was never a problem before.

Also, I just can't easily edit source code and compile (SHIFT+F9 used to compile source files opened outside project path) from another project anymore, I always
have to open that project, make changes and compile. But this is so tedious and clumsy. Now I have one project in 14.x and all the others in 3.x, only because in
that project I need some Java features that 3.x doesn't support.
For me it doesn't make any sense to have each project's source code under their own separate directory trees when I need that code in many other projects too. I use
projects to break the code into logical units, I have utility projects for various utility classes etc. and then I have project files for each application project.
I haven't been able to make this system work in 14.x and hence it's pretty much useless for me and that's why we haven't bought any new licenses either, we just can't
work with it. The code editor is the absolutely best that I've ever seen for any language or environment, but the project/package management sucks.

I've tried many IDEA versions they all seem to be the same, the project system is "broken". If I could make the old project system work I'd happily use the new version.

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Use separate source roots for com.mycompany.stuff.project7 folders and define package prefix. See for details.

It looks like you want to use modules for the logical units.

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I can't see how this could solve my problem? There's no "Modules" in default project structure and I'm certainly not going to define the same bunch of modules for every project over and over again, I have 99% of all stuff needed in the default project structure, so that it's easy to make new projects and just change a few things if needed. Having to define modules seem to involve much work compared to the current situation, or am I missing something?
And I still can't have all my source code in one source tree? The only way to achieve this that I can see is to have only one huge project in IDEA, but that's silly. :)

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Can't suggest more without a sample project that will illustrate the problem.


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