Unable to svn update project back to trunk!!!

In IDEA #IU-98.520, selecting a module in the project pane, choosing Subversion->Update Directories.. option, and clicking the "Update/Switch to specific url" checkbox enables the "Url:" selector, but the "Use branch:" selector remains disabled!!!  So basically I can't update a module back to trunk in the Idea EAP, and have to switch back to IDEA 9.0.4 to do so!!!

I've attached a screenshot of working 9.0.4 dialog vs the latest EAP's broken dialog.

Something I'm missing here? (-:

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Sorry, this is a bug

to make it work, please go to Changes | Subversion Working Copies information -> Merge From
in branch selector popup that would appear, go to "branches" (or what folder you use for branches), and press "Refresh" there to make IDEA reload branches list


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