OS X 10.11 problems


Could not wait to look at new OS X, but got some problems with it (as usual). Main things are:
— if you are installing 10.11 from scratch, current Apple Java 6 installation cannot be installed. And even after installing 1.8 from Oracle, Idea and AppCode would not start
— if you are upgrading from 10.10, you can update idea.properties (don't know why this does not work after a clean install) for Idea to accept JDK 1.8 and everything starts.
— if I start "custom JDK" build on my MBP Retina, I get everything blurry as it is not using retina resolution.
— if I start a debugging session, I get "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException : com.sun.tools.jdi.SocketTransportService" error and it cannot start at all.

Is there a correct place (bug URL) where I can put all these things for you guys to check them?


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