PHP testing is being cut off mid stream


I have just installed IntelliJ with PHP plugin and opened one of my projects.

So - I see the debug > Run and tons of other options, but all I did was click the little Chrome Icon on the popup that was in the editor.

Chrome launched with an error page (I forget the exact message) and had Jetbrains listed at the bottom. In the main IntelliJ window, it said "interpretor not configured". I then went through a few pages and selected the php-cgi.exe process on a download of PHP.

I then refreshed the page and it rendered PHP fine, but, I noticed only about half the page was there - it is cutting off mid stream... For example, the last line of view source is:

<option value='5412'>foobar</opt

I can't see any page size limit or similar and am rather confused.

Can someone help please?


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What's your version of the PHP?
Do you have a chance to provide the page that you're trying to test?
Also please provide the log file after reproducing the case.

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Version is 5.6.7 straight from

I can't provide the page as it contains a lot of sensitive code.

Where do I find the log files?

Weird thing is, I just quickly downloaded PHPStorm, and went through the exact same steps, and, it is working fine!

This is quite annoying!     

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What version of PhpStorm have you downloaded?
What's the version of PHP plugin for Intellij, that you're using?

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PHP Storm - 8.0.3
Idea - 14.1.3 with php 141.690

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Seems to be the issue with the latest version of the plugin. Please open a support ticket for PhpStorm support: with sample code to reproduce and the log (Help | Show log).


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