New IntelliJ Project View Experiences?

Hello all,

I already have another thread running on this forum about it, plus 1 or 2 Jira issues, but I was wondering why not more people are complaining about the new project view. How do you work on multiple modules and their dependencies? Why would anyone prefer a list of ALL dependencies of ALL modules loaded in IntelliJ, compared to the IntelliJ 8 dependency-per-module view? I know now that you can also see the depenencies by Pressing ALT+F1, select the project structure, go to the dependency tab, and go through that list on item at a time, since it's ordered by randomness, instead of, say, alphabetically? And if you then want to see if that class you're looking for is really in that library (I didn't know if I was using Junit 4.5 or 4.7 yesterday, which caused some problems for me...), you'll have to close that window, go to the external libraries list (I have around 200-300 libraries there...really manageable, even though they are nicely bound to some modules (at least, in IntelliJ 8) , and then I have to click the library open, find the classes I'm looking for, and then go back to the module I was actually working on. If I can still remember which one that was after going around my IDE in such a way. The philosophy behind this change is that some users complained (in 2005!!) that they didn't understand where their files went, and that therefore the project view should reflect the file structure. (and external libraries, apparently???).

I don't know if any of you uses Eclipse, but in Eclipse, you can choose between a Resource view (sort of IntelliJ 9 project view) and a Project View (a sort of IntelliJ 8 project view, but less powerful since it lacks modules/groups). In IntelliJ 9, we'll get the the Eclipse Resource view. My question: do you really want that?? "Nobody" in the Eclipse world even uses the Resource view!

In IntelliJ 8, you (could...) see the dependencies of the module in the project view. They are tightly coupled to the module they belong to, and the modules are nicely organized in groups. You cannot be mistaken in which dependency belongs to which module, since it's reflected in the Project View. Also, the list (per module) is around 15-20 dependencies long. This can be easily handled by anyone, since the list is so short. However, when you have around 30 modules (which I have, but usually more, 6 projects, each 4-6 modules) open at the same time, this list can grow to more than 500 dependencies in IntelliJ 9 (around 200-300 in my case because I often depend on the same dependencies).

A question to Jetbrains: if you really want to make this change you intend (or already have done), wouldn't it be better to just allow an extra 'view as' option? For example, a 'View as Filesystem', and a 'View as Project Structure' way? I guess that would already solve most, if not all, of my pains......

Thanks for reading this rant, but it's been keeping me busy for the last couple of days ;-)


PS: I've attached some screenshots again, to show the difference between IntelliJ 8 and IntelliJ 9....

PS2: You can track this issue here now: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-53408

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 10.36.11.png
IntelliJ 8.png


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