How Do You Refresh (JIRA) Tasks?

I use the Tasks & Contexts feature in IntelliJ. I have configured a server pointing to our JIRA instance, so that I can create a task based on a JIRA ticket.

The problem I'm running into is that if somebody logs a new ticket in JIRA, the JIRA is not immediately visible. The only way I have found to immediately refresh the list is to restart IntelliJ, which is less than ideal, give start up time and the fact that I am usually running something in the terminal window.

Is there any way to force IntelliJ to synchronize with JIRA immediately? And just curious, how often does the syncrhonization occur?

I am using IntelliJ 13.



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Hi Charles.

There is a feature called issue cache (Settings | Tools | Tasks ). By default it downloads first 100 issues using the query specified in JIRA setttings every 20 minutes (you can change this frequency). If your JQL query includes ordering by update time the latter implies that new issues are always added to the cache. Also when you hit "..." item at the end of the list in the "Open Task" popup, it always attempts to download more issues from the server (issues from the cache are shown first).

Additionally you can open specific issue directly by its ID. Just enter something like "ABC-123" in the "Open Task" popup and it will try to find the issue with such ID on the server.


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