Obfuscate SWF before packaging into IPA or APK

I am creating mobile games on IDEA with Adobe AIR SDK.

What I need is to execute an additional command right before the compiled SWF file in out directory is packaged into the IPA or APK file. I will use this obfuscator: https://github.com/Teesquared/flasturbate which is executed with a shell command.

Any ideas?


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Sorry for delay.
You can configure an External Tool (in IDE Settings) or write a simple Ant script that will run obfuscator for you (and add this script to Ant tool window in the IDE).
It is not possible to tie external tool or ant target to the APK packaging stage. But both can be added as 'Before run' task for any run configuration.
In case of Ant is is also possible to configure to automatically run ant target each time after compilation.


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