Where does IntelliJ send auth data from App "Register" ?

Good morning,

We've been having an issue authenticating from behind our firewall with Jetbrains server while Registering.

When we submit the request, we get the following:

JetProfile connection error: SSLHandshakeException: java.security.cert.CertificateException: java.security.SignatureException: Signature length not correct: got 256 but was expecting 512.

I know that our network replaces certs as they come in - so I asked our networking team to make an exception for:


After the change, when I check the cert in a browser it is the same behind our firewall as not behind our firewall, yet we continue to have this issue with Registration.

Is there a different domain with which the Registration request is communicating?  Do we need another exception?

Please advise -



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Hi Matthew,
Additionally you will need also "https://lservice.jetbrains.com"

In general theese URLs are configured in this configuration xml:


Our administrators may change them to handle load balancing or servers downtime. So for 100% automated solution you might want to check this file periodically and update your network exceptions accordingly.


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