how to determine name and package of a decompiled class file ?

Hi -

In debugging a large Java program, with tens of thousands of classes, the ability to decompile a class file is very useful.

However, it is made much less useful by the fact that Idea does not display the name of the class file, or of the Package or JAR file in
which it was found .  The Package and class name can usually be determined from the decompiled source, but I need to find the
JAR file name in which the class that was decompiled is located - ideally I think the IDE should display all three somewhere, but
it doesn't display any of this information.

Is there any way to determine the JAR file name of a decompiled class file from the IDE GUI ?
I'm using latest version ( IU 14.1.3 ) on Linux.

I've searched menus and help with no results.

Thanks in advance for any replies, Regards,

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It's shown in IDEA's window title bar.

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RE: > It's shown in IDEA's window title bar.

If only that were the case - that is why I raised this issue - the information is NOT displayed in the title bar, nor anywhere I can find.

All I see in the title bar for a decompiled class is :
    '  Attaching...                                 <Download Sources....>   <Choose Sources...>'

I'm just asking if there is a way to get IDEA to show, or use it to determine, for any decompiled class source shown during debugging :
  1.  The name of the class file ;
  2.  The package of the class (if any)
  3.  The JAR file containing the class (or location in $CLASSPATH).

There does not seem to be any way to use IDEA to show this information.

For each decompiled class file, I need to manually:
  1. Work out the effective class path ;
  2. Work out which JAR the class is in (which usually involves a 'jar -tf' of each JAR in the $CLASSPATH - there are over 500 of them for my particular application).
  3. Unpack the chosen JAR file into a temporary directory (since its contents are compressed).
  4. Use the 'strings' command with the class file(s)  as input and grep for the class names of classes or statics defined in the decompiled source.

It would be really nice if a future version of IDEA could let us access this information somehow .
I guess there is no way for current versions to do so.

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Don't you see this?

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Don't you see this?

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Don't you see this?


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