User Defined File Types and Custom HTML Tags

Custom HTML Tags
Firstly I have an environment where our HTML/JSP and any other webroot served content gets parsed with a servlet that picks up and translates special XML tags it finds in the content into HTML and/or JavaScript.

It's nice that I can add unknown HTML tags and cause the IDE to recognize that these are not errors but I wish for the following:

  • Select which attributes apply to which custom tags

  • Select which highlighting/file type is associated with the content of a particular node; for example: I have a custom tag whose content is always JavaScript, I'd like the syntax highlighting, inspections, auto completion and formatting.

Basically I'd like to see a popup with a text area for the tag name, button for whether or not case sensitivity is an issue, list box with attributes associated with this tag. Each attribute would have a custom dialog allowing you to specify if the name was case sensitive, the type of content allowed in the attribute value and if we're pushing it a regular expression field for validation. Finally I'd like to see a check box stating whether or not the tag may have a body and if so then some more options as to what tags are allowed in the body or which language syntax and ruleset IDEA should use for the body of that tag.

User Defined File Types
In the vein of the last paragraph, I'd like to see a way that we can associate and create new syntax highlighting types through a gui for either a project or IDE wide usage. With import and export capabilities. This would include functionality above for tag based languages and then simple highlighting and coloring for other languages. Perhaps the ability to specify a list of keywords as well as a list of context provided objects. An example of context provided objects would be the document object, the location object and the navigator object you'd get in a JavaScript block. These exist for you and are provided by the browser.

For tag based languages perhaps the allowance of a DTD or Schema upload as a base would be great. Then allowing us to specify to IDEA which highlighting should be used for CDATA areas defaulting to regular text for anything not indicated by the user.

Is there a way to manually write custom highlighting for our own file types at the moment? Where can I find this information?

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some of your suggestions already exist and would allow for plugins/user interface to extend the standard JSP/HTML features:

Allow customizations of default FileTypes

Need ability to override IDEA's builtin ReferenceProviders

Provide OpenAPI to register JS support for JSP custom tag attributes

OpenAPI: extension points for custom XML content validation

API for embedding custom languages into XML & Co

and these are just a few of them, you will find more requests in that direction

you can do custom highlighting in your own filetype, just have a look at then OpenAPI and

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Many of these, especially the last one ring very true. I voted on the appropriate ones. Thanks so much for the links. Now to get them implemented.... Is there a page with a decent API documentation on these plugin bits they are talking about? I'd like to take a stab at writing a plugin but not sure where to start.

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a good starting point is

other than that, the JavaDoc and example plugins of DevKit (click on "Plugin Development")

if you have specific questions you can watch the OpenAPI forum here

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