IntelliJ 9 Beta Flex Library Project - <include-classes> and IntelliJ interface location and [include "somePath/"]


When trying to import our project from flex I've stumbled across a couple of things that confuse me.

We have an eclipse flex project which has 5 library and 3 application projects - which I think correlates to 1 IntelliJ project with 5 library modules and 3 application modules.

Our library projects have actionscript files which we do not want to include as classes in the build and we reference them from class files such as:

include "somePath/"

the contents of the file may include some functions such as:

public function doSomething():void
     // do some common repeatable thing here

It seems as if IntelliJ 9 doesn't like this setup by default and tries to include all .as files into the library. After playing around for a while I managed to explicitly include certain classes by manually altering the compiler-config.xml file to have:


This gets IntelliJ to compile, but the IDE doesn't like this very much and still complains: "Access Modifier allowed for class members only" (see screen shot)

I can't seem to find a place in the interface to explicitly include/exclude flex .as classes for a library module - does anybody know of a way to do this? I've attached a small test application which highlights this problem

thanks for your help


intelliJ screen dump 1.JPG

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Hi, Alex,
the second problem is fixed (IDEA shows warning instead of error in such cases):
the first problem is known and will be fixed soon:

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