Any way to recover font and color settings from an expired preview edition?

I tried the preview edition available to the community and the time thing ran out so it won't work anymore. Unfortunately, it took with it my color and font settings and some ther ones maybe which I had put a lot of time into getting just right. . I can see a file with the name of my color and font file (mine) with "icls" extension (mine.icls) but it looks like 14.1, to which I was reverted, does nto support that file type. Or something. Basically, I just need intellij to load the old font color settings I was using. 14.1 doesn't even acknowledge that mine.icls exists when i go to specify what scheme to use, sdo I can't chse it. I could open it p, see if it's really .xml under the covers, change  the extension and try hacks like that but I am hoping there is some other way.

Is there some way to get the preview version to keep going? I have the paid pro edition , so it's not like I am getting something I didn't pay for...

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note: I am posting this is a new message because for some reason the edit thread button just dumps me out to a different webpage

Here is the error it 14.1 is throwing when I run it:

cannot read scheme mine.icls from $rootConfig/colors. unsupported color scheme 141

I am just assuming that this is trying to read the preview release file, but maybe not. Maybe its some file from 13? I remember something like this before, but I can't recall the solution.  *SIGH*. I just want what I created in the preview release to be taken up in 14.1 when the preview release time expires.


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