98.311 Problem adding platform to android project

I've created an Android project from existing sources, using IdeaX 98.311 on a pc running Windows XP, using the bundled Android Support plugin v 1.0.2.

When I use "Project Structure | Modules | Android | New" to add an Android platform, it lets me select Android 2.2 android-8 platform, but when I click OK, or Apply I get a "Cannot Save Settings" error dialog that contains the message "Cannot compute relative path for" (it doesn't say any more than that). This means I'm not able to save the settings.

This only seems to happen in 98.311. I can work around it by creating the project with 98.231, adding the platform, closing 98.231, then re-opening in 98.311.

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Seems to be fixed in 98.382, thanks.


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