No patch to update from 14.1.2 to 14.1.3?

I'm getting the "new version available!" notification, but it's only offering me the option to download the full installer for the new version. In the past I have been offered the option to download a patch instead. Why is this inconsistent?


What is the exact build number displayed in the About dialog?


I've been having the same issue. Not only with version 14.1.3, but with several recent updates.
I'm running on Linux Mint. Maybe this is an OS related issue?

Anyhow, as a workaround, I found that if I click several times on Help --> Check for Update, at about the 3rd or 4th time I do get the patch ("Upgrade") button.


Ditto here on CentOS I had 14.1.2 (subscribed to stable) and the update took me to the IDEA product page, no update-in-place. No link to the release notes either.


I'm on Windows 7 Enterprise x64.


Please check that Updates channel is set to the release versions:

We have added patch updates info for EAP channel as well, so it should start working for all.

Please note that you can update to 14.1.3 via patch only from the following builds:



Well, that's interesting. Mine was set to use "Beta Releases or Public Previews". I wouldn't have expected the channel to make a difference provided that it's going from one major release version to another.


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