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its a bit inconvenient that context menus have zero tolerance on mouse temporarily exit / mouse out.
So if you hover over context menu item with submenu, the submenu opens.
If you want to select something in the submenu, you have to go straight with the mouse-pointer to the submenu without leaving the context menu line. If you leave the straight line once. the submenu closes.

For example MS Windows XP has a timeout on closing submenus on mouseout. Only if you have left the context menu hovered more than e.g. 0,5 seconds then the sub-context menu disappers.

Not very importand but i notice that every day.


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I am suffering from the very same the problem every work day.

Ben Kamens from Khan Academy has a little blog post about this problem and a quite easy solution he developed (although he might say copied) as a jQuery plugin.

The current release of intellJ IDEA struggles from exactly the same issue Ben Kamens describes while using Bootstrap which frustates him, too.
If you open a dropdown menu which has a sub menu item indicated with an arrow pointing to the outside which consists of many sub items there's always a big chance of accidentially closing the opened submenu by moving the mouse pointer outside of the highlighted menu entry. This is extremely annoying if you have to select an entry near the bottom of the submenu because you have to go some more extra pixels with your mouse pointer.

Though this thread is about four years old, the problem still exists. I'm not sure if the intellJ IDE is causing it or the underlying user interface framework but it's constantly bugging me while developing so I would be extraordinary thankful if this problem could be solved.



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