Tasks broken in IU-98.231

There's something silly going on with the tasks support in the latest EAP. Suddenly, all but one of my changelists became detached from the previously associated task contexts. When I edit these changelists, "Track Context" check box is off, and there is no way to turn it on (it seems to be ignored). If I delete a changelist and create a new one from the same JIRA task, then it suddenly picks up the old context and works for a while, but then it may lose it again. Can't see any exceptions in the logs.

Has anybody else experienced this?


Subversion 1.6

I believe I did not have this issue in the previous EAP (IU-98.187), however I am not absolutely sure about that. With the latest EAP it recurs very often and I've already given up on trying to recover task contexts.


I do not see this with Git. Could you submit an issue to YouTrack?


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