Advices on updating IDEA X EAPs


currently I'm using IDEA 9.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.4 and IdeaX 98.187 is the first IDEA EAP Build I use in parallel to 9.0.3.
Now 98.231 is out and I'm wondering, if there are any advices on how to switch / update the EAP.
Currently I'm downloading 98.231 and I guess I can simply install it, but are there any hints on how to delete 98.187 in addition to delete the app itself.
I would like to keep my Mac OS X clean and don't won't to accumulate stuff from previous EAP installs.

Is there any recommended procedure on how to update EAP builds?



Just download the zip-version of the EAP and unzip it into your idea-folder.
but take take, if the jdk version changes, then better reinstall or manually update the jre-folder within idea-folder


Thanks for the advice. I think I will simply install the new EAP App, import the settings and then delete the old app.
I'm just wondering if there is anything else that I could/should delete (caches etc.) in addition to the app...



Also, i always configure to use "idea.home".
If i remove the idea-folder, then also all caches (but also plugins) will be removed.

e.g.: c:\Programme\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA\bin\


# path to IDEA system folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes

# path to user installed plugins folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes


stefanscheidt wrote:

I'm just wondering if there is anything else that I could/should delete (caches etc.) in addition to the app...

There is rarely a need to delete the caches. In the very rare case where you fire up a new EAP and strange things happen, just select File | Invalidate caches and restart. If you want to be ultra safe, you can backup your ~/.IntelliJIdea10/config directory. (No need to worry about the ~/.IntelliJIdea10/system directory since it is huge and is easily recreated (except the local history) caches.) You might also back up the .idea directory of an important project. IDEA will usually warn you if it is going to alter the project settings. In my seven years of regularly using EAPs, I've never had an issue. But it never hurts to be paranoid when it comes to back ups ;)

My install strategy has always been to delete (or rename) the old IDEA base install directory, unzip the new EAP to that location, and paste my custom idea.exe.vmoptions and into the bin directory. (I alter the location of the .IntelliJIdea10 directory in my Most people would not need to worry about copying that.) It's been on my to do list for six years now to write a script to do those steps, perhaps even downloading the EAP zip file. But like the cobbler's children who have no shoes, I have not gotten around to it.


Hi Mark,

thank you very much for your details answer. Very helpful! Thanks.



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