Placeholders/Params for Project Template

I'm trying to create a Project Template from my current Android project.
I'm using Tools -> Save Project as Template and it's working fine.
I need to push it further:
* How can I setup parameters/placeholder that the user can customize during the Project Wizard?
* How can I export this Project Template to make it available for other developers?
Thank you

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Hi, currently there is no way to add custom placeholders to project templates. Feel free to submit a feature request about that.
Project templates are stored in ~/.IntelliJxx/config/projectTemplates folder. To share a template, you'll have to copy it manually. Again, a request about sharing templates is welcome.

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What's the option "Replace parameters with placeholders" for if you cannot add placeholders to project templates?

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+1 on this. Has there been a request created? I would love to track it...


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