Two things that still keep me from switching from FDT to Intellij IDEA

There is still a very important lack in Intellij that is still blocking me from switching:
In  FDT and Flash Builder you can link a global library folder containing  ".as" clasees that can be easily  shared in all the projects. In IDEA  this is more restricted: the Project/Modules structure that should be  very similar to the Workspace/project structure of FDT/FB, it's not exactly  the same.
Let me explain: I've always used (both in Flash bulder and  in FDT) a global _CLASSES/AS3 folder that i keep on C: (or Users/myName  in OSX) attacked as a linked library in all my projects: inside it I  keep all the packages that i use (com, org, etc...): it contains ".as"  files and not swc, I prefer this because when i change some classes i do  not have to do the whole swc again (HUGE).
In intellij, Inside a project  structure, you CANNOT use the SAME SOURCE FOLDER in more than one  module, so you are obliged to link you _CLASSES folder in the  dependencies tab. This is ok for code hinting but then, when you  compile, you have a  "package not found" error. If you link your  _CLASSES folder as a source folder (using ADD CONTENT ROOT) everything goes right but you can't use the same folder as content root in another module until you unlink it from the  previous one.
I've managed the whole thing adding "-source-path  C:/_CLASSES/AS3/" as a compiler option in the flex compiler settings:  doing this the compiler includes my global folder when compiling. I  think it is boring.

Another thing:
in FDT (Same in FB) I've  created a kind of project template that I use now for every project I  start, already with all the folder structure and linked classes  libraries that I always use. I've reproduced the same in Intellij but to  make it work I have to copy the module and rename the .iml file (It  does not rename it automatically), the import it as a new module in the  project. Boring. I definitely love the customizable "Project Template" feature of FDT.

Said that, i must add that Intellij X is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

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Hi Riccardo!
Thank you for the interest to IntelliJ IDEA!

About adding raw sources as module dependency. Indeed, by design IDEA compiles only source files that belong to the project. All 3rd party  libraries should be either already compiled or included as a part of  project (a separate swc module). By the way you don't have to copy anything under project root as IDEA content roots can reside anywhere on hard drive, so different IDEA projects can use the same files. Vote for and we'll think about redesign.

Project templates is a good thing and worth filing respective request:

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Hello Alexander:)

I've partially solved the issue trying the workaround that you suggest in here :

I've created a module pointing to my global classes folder (then disabled "Use IDE Bulder") and then linked it as a dependency to all the other modules. Now compiling is possible :)

I suggest to automatize this feature to keep simple your developing work but make a lot of actionscript users happy...


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