IntelliJ Idea gives a false warning when I use ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource spring class

I am using the following code in my spring configuration file :

<bean id="messageSource" class="">
       <property name="basename" value="classpath:messages/studentmessages"/>

My Spring application is working fine but IntelliJ Idea keeps giving a false alarm about classpath:messages/studentmessages with the following message:
Cannot resolve symbol 'classpath:messages/studentmessages'
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I have seen the youtrack thread.
And my question is when do you plan to fix that?
I can see in the youtrack thread that this is an one year old bug.
Is it acceptable from you to leave bugs unfixed for so long?
Why do you ignore error reports from users for such a long period?
Thank you.

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We do not ignore this bug as you can see from my comments on the issue.

There exists an easy workaround to disable the wrong highlighting via inspection suppression.

Unfortunately we cannot give estimates for every single bug or feature in tracker w/r to scheduled fix version.


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