Does InteliJ 14.x save database schema to vcs?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying out the latest version of InteliJ, and I've been going down this path of playing with the features it has for database tool. The last version of InteliJ I used was 10x.

So with VCS, Version Control, and thinking of git actually, is there a way where InteliJ can read a database and write out or save the it to source control? For example RedGate has the ability now through this tool of theirs:

To me, it seems like it would as all of the pieces seem to be here for InteliJ.

Does anyone know?


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+1 on this.
i do search for the exact same feature, but i cant find a manual on how to do it.

guess a way would be, to create a dump of the db and place it inside the repository. would be cool to know, how to handle this automatically..


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