IDEA-9 (IU - 90.94) - Linux usability issues

I've seen this happen to me time and again on IDEA-8 as well as IDEA-9 (all the EAP versions I've tried so far). When I have a project open in IDEA and try to open another project in another IDEA window, then one of the windows becomes unusable after a few minutes i.e. you can't edit any files in that IDEA window and the only thing to do is to shut down that window and reopen it.

I remember reading about this in one of the IDEA release notes by JetBrains and am wondering whether JetBrains considers this issue important enough to fix? In my opinion, as a hardcore Linux (and IDEA) user, it becomes annoying after a while - closing down IDEA windows and reopening them. Is this a Swing issue associated with Linux workstations.

My environment:

  • Ubuntu Linux 9.04 with 2 GB main memory
  • IDEA 9.0 Ultimate (beta)
  • Java 1.6.0_16 (Sun  JDK)
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There are bugs with compiz and JDK6.
Although I haven't seen the issue you mention, I have had the case where after a while I just can't type in the editor.

I tend to use this script to get around these problems
Basically it turns off compiz (and changes to GDM) when the application starts and automatically turns it back on after it closes.

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