Any way to deploy folder's contents?

Creating war file from inside Idea.

Using Web/Web Settings tab. Add... Aditional Resource

If I choose a folder from Additional Recource textfield, it will import it as a folder, so in war, I aill have

Question: Any way to just include the files from a folder? I don't want a "folder" to be created. Only files and subfolders.
Otherwise I'd need to include each and every file and that would be a pain.

Add this in 8.1+?


select your webfacet and instead of additional resource, there is "web resource directories" (it is within same tab as websettings, last "dialog"),
then click  "New" button and add directory and your desired directory deployment mapping.

Web resource is used for web.xml and context.xml and server specific stuff (jboss, glassfish etc)


That did it! Thanks! Life is good yet again.


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