Can you add 2 OSGi facets to one module?

I'm trying to use the new OSGi support in Maia.

I'd like to add two OSGi facets to one IDEA module so that 2 bundles are created from one module. The first bundle is my application and the second bundle is a test harness that exercises the application. Currently, it doesn't look like I am able to add two facets to one module, so I created two modules.Is this the correct approach?

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Hi Hamlet,  It is not possible to add more than one OSGi facet to a module. It is a good idea to extract the tests of a bundle into an extra bundle since otherwise the tested bundle would need to have dependencies on junit and other test specific libraries that you don't want it to have once it is deployed in your application. Please note that we currently lack the support for running tests inside an OSGi container. You won't be able to rely on dynamic services, activators and other OSGi specific stuff that depends on a running OSGi.  For this again: more detailed discussions next week once I'm back from vacation.  Best regards,  Robert

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