Hello Charles,

Is there any news yet about the next version of IntelliJ and when the
EAP for it will begin?

Not yet. The EAP will most likely not start before May or so.

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with Pleasure!"


please do not name it "intellij X". "x" has been overused. stick with intellij 10.
(i'd buy it even if you name it X, but would be less pleased)


I'll buy it when the dependencies are fixed... heck, I'll even buy number 9 then!


ah, sorry, it's something I constantly bring up because it prevents me from upgrading to version 9. What I mean is that in IntelliJ 8, you could see the dependencies (libraries) of each module in the project view including the source, so you could easily navigate to them (you could navigate from the editor window to the dependencies, and from the dependencies to the editor window). With version 9, this is not possible anymore: the dependencies are now just in one big heap, the structure view shows the dependencies but only when having the correct module selected, but when clicking on a class in that structure view, the structure view is replaced by the structure of the class in the dependency (can you still follow me?), so when you want to see a different class in the same dependency, you'll have to reclick the module, find the library again, open the correct package in that library, etc. There is something which is called the maven dependency view, but it's not linked to the main ide, doesn't show the classes, and the ordering there is weird/random, making it hard to find the right module.

Sorry for this long reply, but to me it's still annoying, and I'm still using IntelliJ 8 now because of this. It also seems like jetbrains doesn't want to talk about this anymore, based on the lack of response in the 'Project View Experiences' lately. So probably it's an offlimit topic, but I don't want to imply that Jetbrains is doing this on purpose, probably they are just busy with (other/more) important stuff.


ps: this is the thread I was referring to, if you're interested: http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/thread/284904


Jetbrains, please consider implementing multiple editor windows for 10.  Each year I happily plunk down the $$ for the update, but this never seems to get implemented.  It's so common today for developers to have multiple LCDs on their workstations, and it really sticks out like a sore thumb that Intellij doesn't support this basic feature.  I have even blogged about this in an attempt to shame you into action.  :-)

I understand that there is probably a non-trivial architectural issue holding this back, but it would be very, very appreciated.



Just wondering if there are any updates on the new features for IntelliJ 10 and when the EAP may be available?


I have two wishes for IntelliJ 10:

- (ofcourse) Fix the dependencies UI so I can finally upgrade my IDE for Java projects...
- But also: make support for multiple projects better. At the moment, 1 IDE = 1 Project. On a Windows PC, it's annoying, since refactorings don't work across projects, but on a Mac, it's evil, since switching between two instances of IntelliJ is really annoying (not Jetbrain's fault, it's just the way Mac OS works). But I think it would be nice to be able to load multiple projects, and have to option to close / open them, etc.



there is a workaround for "multiple editor  windows"

1. open file in standard IDEA editor
2. ctrl+a, ctrl+c,
3. type some symbol (e.g. space) in original file, or just don not copy all to clipboard
4. right_mouse_click, "Compare with clipboard" -> new floating window will appear
5. move this new window to other monitor, adjust size and collapse clipboard part of it
6. enjoy editing in separate window on second monitor

1. if you type something in one editor -> it will immediately appear in other editor (on other monitor)

1. as you type -> you immediately see highlighted difference with version in clipboard
2. you can copy/invoke_compare not full file but part of it -> so in separate editor you will have only part of file, say one method or inner class

in future:
1. I hope if IDEA will implement multiple_editor_windows they won't loose this thing
2. you can automate this steps using for example my beloved plugin PMIP: several lines in ruby will bind all actions to some hotkey

it's not a joke
I really use this feature
sometimes I simultaneously write several methods -> so i open all of them in such way one under other (or on side) on different monitors


Wi, I hereby nominate this for "most useful IDEA hack of the year" award. :-)  Thanks for sharing!


Multi Window Editors would be good, but they used to have this feature which already supported it!(albet not floating).  

In IntelliJ 5, you could see the same file side by side.  It's since been removed.

Would appreciate if people could vote for this!

My workarounds are:
- I still use IntelliJ 5! :O  V sad at this day and age of multi monitor
- For my larger projects, I usually create 2 IDEA projects; sometimes 3.  For a grails project, I create a project with IntelliJ 9, and IntelliJ 8 so that I can see files side by side.  If possible, I always separate my java module and create a separate IntelliJ 5 project where my fingers can fly(IDEA 5 much faster than v7, 8, 9)


did you try making copies of the project file and open several projects, working on the same sources? i did so a while ago (using eclipse and idea on the same project).


Hey hamster,

I don't create copies of projects; I just create the N number of old, (faster) IntelliJ projects I want when I kick it off.   I have a different naming convention for each IDEA module and project file; no sharing.  I've tried copying before but have run into more problems than not; my way of working is that I use global libraries and have them organized so that if i want a Spring, Tomcat, Hibernate app etc. all my jars are ready to go; just add the global library b/w my IDEA versions.

Afterwards, adding a library can be a bit cumbersome(esp if adding to IDEA 5, 8, 9) but I'm only adding a new library occassionally; and if I like the new jar enough, I add to global libraries once, and copy applicationLibraries.xml  to my other IDEA's.


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